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what’s your name ➔ Dilan
do you have a nickname ➔ Kanuta,....and other names I hate 
do you have a middle name ➔ i don't have one
do you like your name ➔ ye
do people often mispronounce your name ➔ people often spell it wrong
do you like the meaning of your name  yes (in welsh its "son of the sea" and in turkey it means "love")
when is your birthday ➔ December 4th
how old are you ➔ 17
do you like your age ➔ meh
what’s your zodiac sign ➔ sagittarius

what’s your hair colour ➔ dark brown
is your current hair colour your natural hair colour ➔ yes
do you dye your hair ➔  nope
do you have natural highlights ➔ no
when was the last time you had a haircut ➔ since november from last year
what length is your hair right now ➔ to my chin
do you have straight, wavy or curly hair ➔ straight but it kinda curls with my head
do you have frizzy hair ➔ its messy as fuck
do you use a curling iron ➔ no
do you use a hair straightener ➔  no
do you braid your hair ➔ no
what’s your eye colour ➔ no- i mean... green
do your eyes change colour ➔ no
do you wear contacts ➔ no
if so, do you use colour contacts or regular contacts ➔ no
do you wear glasses ➔ no
do you have naturally long eyelashes ➔ idfk
do you wear braces ➔ no
do you have dimples ➔ no
do you have moles ➔ a few
do you have outstanding cheekbones ➔ if you want to B^)
do you have freckles ➔  nah
do you have piercings ➔ no
do you have tattoos ➔ no
do you wear make up ➔ no
do you paint your nails ➔ no
do you wear jewelry ➔ depends
are you happy with your height ➔ sure

would you consider yourself outgoing or shy ➔ inbetween
are you sarcastic  nah m8
what’s your biggest fear ➔  a lot of things
what’s your guilty pleasure ➔ idk
are you religious ➔ i respect religion and might want to take part in some other religions .3.
do you get easily along with people ➔ well yeah if i dont get a mental breakdown
do you cry easily ➔ nO

do you live with your biological parents ➔ yes
do you get along with your parents ➔ sorta
do you tell your parents everything ➔ nope
do you have strict parents ➔ not really
do you have siblings ➔ 1
are you the oldest ➔ nope
are you in the middle ➔ nope
are you the youngest ➔ yasssss
are all of your grandparents still alive ➔  besides my grandmother from my dad's side yea

do you have a best friend ➔ YOU'RE ALL MY FRIENDS 8DDDDDDDDDDD
do you have more than 10 friends ➔ only on internet
do you have at least 2 friends you can trust with your life ➔ sure
do you have a lot of guy friends, a lot of girl friends or equal girl and guy friends ➔ a lot of them are girls e-e
do you text with your friends a lot ➔ I DON'T HAVE FONE

what’s your relationship status ➔ taken
have you ever been in love ➔ yes
do you believe in love at first sight ➔ nahhh
have you ever been in a relationship ➔ yes?
have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ yes
have you ever been asked out on a date ➔ no, everyone hates me irl
have you ever been kissed ➔ ye
have you ever made out with someone ➔ kinda???
have you ever been cheated on ➔ no
have you ever been proposed to ➔ what
do you want to get married ➔ ye
do you want kids ➔ yeah

where were you born ➔ Canada
where do you live right now ➔ Ontario, Canada
have you ever been out of the country ➔ yes, USA and Brazil
do you prefer country or city ➔ in between
do you like sightseeing ➔ sure
is one or more of your parents from another country ➔ yes my mother who's from Brazil
what places would you like to visit  ➔ Provinces/Territories of Canada, Sweden, some countries in europe, etc
what languages can you speak ➔ english, french, abit of portugese, and some words in swedish

do you have any allergies ➔ no
are you lactose intolerant ➔ i don't like milk itself
have you had surgery ➔ no
have you had stitches ➔ no
have you broken a bone ➔ no
has someone close to you died of a disease ➔ i've had people died that were close to me
do you exercise a lot  ➔ no

have you ever had a near death experience ➔ no
have you ever been on a plane ➔ yes
have you ever had an all nighter ➔ I think?
have you ever been to school/work after a sleepless night ➔ everyday of my life
have you ever been in a physical fight ➔ yes
have you ever been to a wedding ➔ yes
have you ever been to a funeral ➔  yes
have you ever lived in a different country ➔ yes (Brazil)
have you ever been drunk ➔  no
have you ever been trick or treating ➔ yes
have you ever been in a school play ➔ yes
have you ever been to a camp ➔ yES
have you ever driven a car ➔ not exacly

how many languages are you fluent in ➔  2
have you ever read a book in another language ➔ yes
can you roll your tongue ➔ ye
can you braid hair ➔ idonfuckknowlikeimeeaannnmmmaaannn.....
can you do a handstand ➔ YEA BROSKI WATCH ME *standsonmyhand*

do you crack your knuckles ➔ yes
do you bite your nails ➔ yes
do you bite your lips ➔ yes

what’s your favourite movie ➔ idk
what’s your favourite tv show ➔  idk
what’s your favourite book ➔ The Hatchet
what’s your favourite song ➔ so many.....
what’s your favourite colour ➔ Blue, Green, White, Black
what’s your favourite animal ➔ all of them
what’s your favourite season ➔ Winter

this or that
summer or winter ➔ Winter
day or night ➔ night
cats or dogs ➔ both
rain or shine ➔ rain
coffee or tea ➔ tea but i want to try coffee
reading or writing ➔ reading
humorous or serious ➔ both
brown or blue eyes ➔ blue
single or group dates ➔ idfk
texts or calls ➔ WHO NEEDS PHONES
driving or walking ➔ walkin is ok

last phone call ➔ idk
last text ➔  WHO WAS FONE
last song you listened to ➔ I don't remember
last thing you ate ➔  chicken
last thing you drank ➔ water
last purchase ➔ don't know
last time you cleaned your room ➔ on sunday?
last time you’ve been on a date ➔  no-



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